Thursday, 22 March 2012

The G2E - a "Comrades" in Scotland?

My next race will be the 56(ish)m Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Marathon on 31 March 2012.

Details of the "G2E" race:
The race starts in Ruchill Park, Glasgow and has checkpoints approximately every 10 miles. The course is approximately 56 miles long and after leaving Glasgow is predominantly rural and off road until reaching Edinburgh. The finish is at Edinburgh Quay (a short walk from Haymarket train station).

Actually I think it is more 55 miles than 56 but the distance reminds of the great "Comrades Marathon" in South Africa.

The Wiki summary for the "Comrades" is as follows:
"The Comrades Marathon is an ultramarathon of approximately 90 km (approx. 56 miles) run in the Kwazulu-Natal Province of South Africa between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. It is the world's largest and oldest ultramarathon race. The direction of the race alternates each year between the "up" run (87 km) starting from Durban and the "down" run (89 km) starting from Pietermaritzburg."

Another common attribute of both races is that they connect the East Cost with the West Cost...

The major difference of the two races is that that Comrades is in roads (tarmac) and is not flat. It is rather hilly.
The G2E is in deed flat. Not quite as flat as a pancake but the climbs are negligible compared to the Comrades.

The Comrades is HUGE. It is a national event. It is televised from start to finish. There are advertising breaks as they are in the X Factor.  There is loads of prize money and prestige involved. And the winners run 2:30 Marathon Splits! A pace they keep going for the whole distance.

Well our very own Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra has 115 competitors (the Comrades has 18000!).

I have had my last push of long(ish) runs on Friday (quick), Saturday (race pace) and Sunday (casual) where I ran 20 miles each day.
That kind of back to back principle used to work for me in the past and I hope it will work for me again. My longest run was a 32 miler with Marco "Sonic" Consani. 

There is little convincing scientific evidence about how a taper should look like. In particular not for a particular ultra race. But I put my money on a two weeks taper for this race. So with less than two weeks from now to go I am actually tapering as we speak :-)

Past Races
I have done the race twice before.
2009 (on the slightly shorter route) in 7:22 (4th place)
2010 (now a bit longer but having a nicer finish right at the end of the canal in Edinburgh) in 6:55 (4th place again)

I would like to improve on my previous PB. Maybe running an avg of  7:15 m/m
Wish me luck :-)

Competitors (updated)
Female: At the sharp end there are two Scottish internationals (and 24 hour race Commonwealth Medalists) running Debbie Martin Consani and Sharon Law.
Male: A few good runners in the field and certainly a few dark horses but I hope Marco Consani can actually show his talent and finishes accordingly. No pressure ;-)
Just checked the entry list again and found a few new names in the list. Amongst them Scottish and UK International Grant Jeans and D33 winner Gareth Mayze. Those two super fast runners will be the guys to beat.


Santababy said...

cracking field of runners, good luck and enjoy the Taper

Debs M-C said...

Hope the taper is going well. See you Saturday morning.
Debs M-C x