Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Anglo Celtic Plate 2012. UK 100k champs (preview)

As in 2011 I have been selected again to run for Scotland in the ACP.

On Sunday the 22nd of July 2012 at 7:30 the Anglo Celtic Plate & British Championships will be held on a 2 mile loop on the Newport Flats at Redwick, South East Wales 

It is the greatest honor and pleasure to be in the same team as Marco Consani, Matt Williamson and Gareth Mayze. All great talents, super nice guys, super fast and super motivated. Sadly defending champ Craig Stewart is not competing this year due to injuries but he is on his way to recovery (fingers crossed).

We all have to resolve the puzzle called "how to bloody run a good 100k race???". But speaking for the Scotland Team we have good chances to do well.

a) We know how to run a Marathon (sort of)
b) We know how to run UltraMarathons (sort of)
c) The 100k is right there in between. Is it not? (well, sort of)

Pacing (or the negative split moo point)
I (still) believe the term "negative split" is confusing and based on myths. Like one "has to" run a negative split in order to have a good race.

Firstly in order to calculate splits (positive or negative) we need to know our finishing time. In advance!
So how on earth do I know my finishing time then?

Imagine the following scenario.
I make up my mind (before the race) and say I can (or want to) run the 100k in 7:30.
As it turns out do finish the first half in 3:45 (which is a perfectly timed even split for a 7:30)
and then however slow down and manage a 3:55 for the second half.

In the post race post mortem I would probably say that "I started too fast". However this statement is incorrect and misleading. And as I said it is not about a strategy and running negative or positive splits what makes a good race.

Again it is all about predicting the correct finishing time! Any decision about starting faster or slower is a personal preference. And post race discussions about "should I have started slower to achieve a better result" and negative splits are better than positive splits are an absolute moo point.

So what is my finishing time then?
I know, I am getting myself into trouble by posting this. Of course I do not know my finishing time. I think I could predict an 12 hour finish to be save. With a 7:42 PB. I think that is achievable.

But seriously, what should I aim for? Hitting the target for the first 50k is easy. Hitting the target for the 100k is difficult. And it should be. The UK Championships are not a training run.

Maybe better to post my finishing time after the race then... ;-)


harry_johnston said...

Run hard, run sensible, analyse afterwards! Good luck. Anywhere I can follow on-line?

Norman Neilson said...

I think you will know how to run it come the time,whats right for you I mean.

Debs M-C said...

I'm going to get Silke to teach me to swear in German :-) Just saying...

See you Friday x

Ps: Tell Harry I'm going to post some stats on the FB group - if I get a minute's peace from the demands of Sonic and the GM :-)

Thomas said...

Debs Silke does not swear at all. And if she does (by accident) it's in Scottish. Or Irish. That Father Jack kind of stuff. ;-)