Monday, 31 December 2012

Marcothon 2012

After a gruesome near death experience in the Kilpatrick Hills (11 miles in 2,5 hours crawling through a blizzard) with Marco himself I managed 5 miles today to complete my Marcothon challenge.

The stats:
The challenge is to complete a minimum of 25 minutes or 5k in every day of December.

- Much less snow that the last years and only a few days on ice.
- A few nasty weather days and the worst one yesterday where I suffered from a good degree of hypothermia (and so did Marco since I slowed him down)
- 8.2 miles per day is actually a very good average for December. Not spectacular but I have to be pleased with that.

- A huge number of participants. More than ever. I met runners in the Gourock telling me they were doing "The Marcothon".
The word has spread. And there were loads of Marcothoners even worldwide. I can imagine that Debbie had to struggle with keeping up with all the comments/messages on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Tam! Day off tomorrow, or is it Day One of the Januarython?


Thomas said...

Thank you, Your Magnificence, no day off but also no Januarython. I will pick a rest day soon I guess, whenever appropriate :-). good to see you in good spirits, looking forward to seeing you soon!

John Striker said...

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